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Would you like a cloth nappy that is quick drying, all in one piece and can be used from birth right up until toilet training?

The Pikapu AIO Nappy is just that! 

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A simple and easy to use nappy design with everything in the one piece – great if you’re just starting out with cloth.

One size fits newborn to toddler (3-18kg). Lightweight microfibre allows the nappies to dry quickly and they have twin leg gussets to help prevent leakage.

With Velcro tabs so you can quickly and easily get the sizing just right. The outer of the nappy is made of PUL which is a waterproof polyurethane laminate.

Lining is a soft microfleece to wick moisture away from baby and the nappy has 6 layers of microfibre absorbency which holds up to 450ml.

Made of 100% polyester.


An example of use

A newborn will use around 8-10 nappies per day, toddlers use about 5-6 a day. To keep it simple we’ll call the average 7 nappies a day.

A child will be in nappies until they are around 2 1/2 years old, some will toilet train earlier, some later. Most will continue to use night nappies for some time.

Terry-cloth nappies or pre-folds can be bulky. The pikapu modern cloth nappy is shaped just like a disposable. It isn’t bulky and is available in a range of modern stylish colours.

Modern cloth nappies are absorbent, breathable and snug fitting. If you are experiencing leaks check the nappy is fitted correctly.

You wouldn’t believe it but disposable nappies will fill your bin each week, leaving very little space for your general household rubbish. Take control and help save the environment at the same time.

Pikapu nappies are quick and easy to use. Firstly set the nappy to the desired size. Then place under baby and fasten the velcro, it’s that easy. After use dispose of solids, rinse nappy and place in a dry pail bucket until ready for washing. No soaking or bleaching is required.




Easy to use cloth nappies that dry quickly and are "dad-friendly"
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