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Tracks and manages the day to day things your likely to want to track in a 24 hour period over 6 weeks

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BubbaLog is the complete baby log book for tracking breastfeeding (time, length and side), baby sleep, awake / play time, nappy changes. medicines and much more. Set out with both daily pages and weekly summary, it makes it easy to manage baby behaviour over a six week period.

Lots of new parents we know keep lists, note books and scraps of paper to record how many nappies a day, how often baby has a feed and when baby sleeps. These questions are nearly always asked by health care professionals, including nurses, doctors and child health clinics to help establish how baby is progressing.  In the sleep deprived early days of being a parent it is very difficult to remember this information, which is why so many people write it all down.

BubbaLog steps in to make this easier.  BubbaLog, developed by mother of two Michelle Formann, is very quick to fill in, all the things you are likely to want to track are already listed for the full 24 hours in every day for six weeks.  All you need to do is make whatever mark is relevant to you at the time the event occurred.

BubbaLog helps to settle your baby too. Once you have used BubbaLog for a few days you can look back over the past entries to see what your baby needed. For example if at 2pm each day for the past three days baby cried and was settled by a feed, you will quickly see the pattern with BubbaLog and be able to offer the feed and hopefully avoid the crying and the guessing game!

  • Compact A5 soft cover take anywhere design
  • Six week format with daily pages and weekly summary pages
  • Manages the day to day things your likely to want to track in a 24 hour period
  • Contents replicates hospital baby behavior recording tables – plus much more
  • Makes it easy for those carers to help look after your baby the way you do
  • You can track as much or as little as you need

The daily pages contain:

  • Plan column to list things your baby needs
  • Feeding: times, which breast and/or quantities from cups or bottles
  • Medication due and given
  • Other things like solid foods when they are old enough
  • Nappies – wet or soiled
  • Play and Sleep times
  • Appointments

The weekly pages contain:

  • Achievements and milestones for you and your baby
  • Shopping list
  • To do list
  • Questions to ask your health care professional



A log book for those early days with bub - helping you to keep track of everything from wet nappies to feeds and more

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