EverEarth Ramp Racer


A revolutionary must have toy for your child!

It may look simple to you, but there’s something about the mix of blocks of wood with wheels and a few ramps, along with a bit of gravity that makes the kids go crazy (in a good way of course!)


Recommended for Children 18 months +

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Watch their faces stare on in wonder as they watch the cars race down the ramps.

Left, right, left again…

With 4 different coloured cars, you can teach your little one all the fun of patience and taking turns (and all those exciting things parents love), as you’ll want to have a go too!


If you’re looking for a Birthday Present that will impress both kids and their parents, this would be it! With the right amount of fun, coupled with minimal noise (often a drum kit or “musical toy with no off switch” is not appreciated by parents of young children).


Size: 44cm x 27cm x 30.5cm 



Amazing wooden toys to help your children grow and learn while having fun.

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