Giggle and Hoot Toothbrush (2 pack)

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Make brushing teeth extra fun with these Giggle and Hoot Toothbrushes

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Giggle and Hoot


2 pack of Giggle and Hoot Toothbrushes

To help with Step 1 of the 5 steps to bed (for those parents, like me, who often have kids songs going through their head all day long!).


…and for those who just want to reminise about how the song goes – here are the words so you can sing along!


There’s five steps to bed (hoot hoot) 12345 Five steps to bed (hoot hoot) Get ready for sleepy time! One: brush your teeth Two: PJs on Three: Time for a story or a sleepy time song Four: Get your favourite toy and cuddle it tight take 12345, steps to bed time (hoot hoot)

I’m ready for the night watch, switch my night sight on, and while you are sleeping, I’ll be hooting all night long

Take 12345 steps to bed time (hoot hoot)

What’s step five Jimmy Giggle?

Snuggle up and say “hello” to the night

and I’ll be watching over you tonight


Giggle and Hoot

The much loved TV duo
Giggle and Hoot

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