Lillebaby Doll Carrier – Seahorse Teal


The lillebaby DOLL CARRIER – Seahorse Teal  is a delightful mini carrier designed for young children to experience the nurturing fun of carrying their special doll or teddy.

This is a delightful gift for any child and makes a fantastic present for an older sibling for the occasion of welcoming a new baby brother or sister  into the home. See big brother or sister rise up to the joy and delight of carrying their favorite toy or doll with them.

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Designed for children aged 3+ this doll carrier will allow big brothers and sisters to wear their own little baby (doll or teddy).


Lillebaby Carriers

Soft structured carriers with a difference. Carry on the front, back, side or even forward facing. Many designs with breathable mesh to keep you and your baby cool during the summer months.

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