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If you’re sick of having your baby’s bib ripped off halfway through dinner, or just soaking through so they are almost pointless, this is the bib you’re looking for.

A fantastic everyday bib which is big enough to cover up clothes, a waterproof backing and with snaps so they last for ages!

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Imagine eating a meal with your little one and not having to worry about changing their clothes afterwards because of a seemingly useless bib.

Sound like a dream?

The Mum2Mum Wonder Bib is large enough to cover your baby or toddler (24cm wide and 36cm long) and has a waterproof backing so that it can soak up the mess (and it can hold a lot!) without soaking through to clothes.

What’s more, they have snaps to keep them on. That means, no velcro sticking to other clothes in the wash and they are MUCH harder for babies to pull off during their meal.

If you’re after something with a bit more coverage, check out the Mum2Mum Long Sleeve Wonderbib



Products for Mums. made by Mums! With Amazing bibs that really last and keep your bub dry with a waterproof backing

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