Sands Alive! Starter Set


Sand that you can mould and play with – but without the usual mess!

The kids will have so much fun, you’ll want a go too.

You can use it over and over without the sand drying out.

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Sands Alive


Light a fluffy sand that gives you a whole new sensory experience.

Sands Alive gives you all the fun of playing in the sand without the usual mess!

It is non-toxic and anti-bacterial and is made from all natural, organic ingredients.

You can cut it, roll in, make shape moulds, anything your imagination can think of. 

Recommended for children 3+

This pack includes 1 bag of sand and 4 sand tools.

Pre-Use Instructions
Your Sands Alive needs to breathe! For optimal play, remove Sands Alive! from its plastic bag and loosen it up with your hands. Allow it to sit in the open air for several hours. When you come back to your sand, it will be light and fluffy and ready for play!

Please Note
Sands Alive! is made from all natural, organic materials and can vary in colour and texture.
Store in an airtight container after use. Sands alive! is water soluble (breaks down in water).



Sands Alive

Fun sand with a magical feel - fun without all the clean up!
Sands Alive

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