Sophie the Giraffe Teether


When you think of The Must Have toy for babies, Sophie the Giraffe would have to be it.

In the early days and when you’re pregnant you may be thinking “who is this Sophie everyone is talking about?”

Meet Sophie – The 100% Natural Rubber Teether that babies can’t wait to chew and chew and chew and…

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Sophie the Giraffe (aka. Sophie La Girafe) is an iconic teething toy that can really save you on days when your baby just wants to chew!

Travelling all the way from France, Sophie is a one of a kind.

The question isn’t so much if your baby will enjoy Sophie, but more what part they will choose as their favourite. The feet are always a good option to chew, but the neck can be so great to hold and really get the pointy parts from Sophie’s head into those teething gums.

At approximately 18cm long, Sophie is non-toxic and safe for your baby to chew on (made with natural rubber and food dye).

Sophie will stimulate all 5 of your baby’s senses.

Touch ~ She is soft and smooth to touch

Hearing ~ She has an intriguing squeak

Sight ~ She has interesting spots giving an eye-catching contrast

Taste ~ She tastes intersting – being made from natural rubber and food paint

Smell ~ She has a familiar scent of the natural rubber

Sophie is made by Vulli in France by hand, so each Sophie is ever so slightly different.

You can trust that we only sell Genuine products at Aussie Kidlets – this includes Sophie and her friends!



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