Manduca Fumbee – 100% Organic


Protect your baby and the things they like to chew and suck on, particularly the shoulder straps of your Manduca Baby Carrier.

  • Versatile strap protector
  • Can go everywhere baby goes
  • Lovely fluffy feel
  • A perfect snuggle friend for baby
  • Use on any strap/belt/harness system including car seats, prams and the Manduca Baby Carrier.


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100% Organic Cotton – tested for harmful substances – no need to worry about chowing on things through a manduca fumbee.

Design by the makers of the manduca baby carrier in Germany.

Made in China.

Fully washable and two per pack.

The manduca fumbee can be used on both sides thanks to its clever hook and loop fastening system. Simply turn it round and you have a new colour way – or just a clean surface.

Use with:
– manduca baby carriers
– prams
– car seats

Use as:
– cuddle cloth
– comfortor
– suck pad
– strap protector

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Chocolate, Grey, Cream



A range of easy to use structured baby carriers with multiple adjustments to get you properly comfortable. Along with a built in infant insert for small babies.
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