Mealtimes Without Mayhem


Are you at a loss about how to have a nice simple stress free meal with your toddler?

This book may have the answer!

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Mealtimes Without Mayhem draws on a field of experts including Dr Jo McMillan – Nutritionist, Kate DiPrima – Dietitian for Fussy Eaters and Michael Grose – Parenting expert, to give you the tools to:

  • Understand the Importance of Family Mealtimes
  • Learn the Benefits of Eating Together
  • Create your own Family Traditions
  • Manage Mealtime Mayhem with effective techniques
  • Establish a routine and understand behaviors
  • Learn how to deal with fussy eaters
  • Build a strong foundation by connecting through communication
  • Good Manners and Family Etiquette
  • Understand the philosophy of food and the ritual of sharing meals
  • Create nourishing family meals with good cooking and planning
  • Unlock the secrets to maintaining the balance – you can do it

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