Neckerchew – Over the rainbow


The World’s First Chewy Dribble Bib For Teething Tots!

Dear Baby,
“Here’s a chewy dribble bib
made with love for you
to help catch all your dribble
when your toothy pegs break through
A must have in your wardrobe
cool and stylish either way…
and the special squidgy endy bit
helps soothe the pain away!”

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Over the rainbow Design


The unique textured teething triangle is designed to help your baby chew away their teething troubles, helping to ease your little one’s pain by encouraging chewing and helping the teeth to break free! The teether is tactile, durable, washable and safe. This material contains no phthalates, will never flake or peel and is 100% safe for your baby to chew on. 


One less thing to pick up in your day! This attached teether can’t be lost, dropped or thrown at will… a hygienic teething solution you can’t lose! 


The soft, super absorbant cotton with a hidden extra middle layer designed to lock in moisture, will help keep your little ones chest dry for as long as possible and looking good all day, catching all that dribble. 


Each Neckerchew gives you 2 bibs in 1, with two stylish sides to choose from so your teething tot can dribble and chew in style. These reversible bibs offer a stylish option to match any outfit or conquer any messy catastrophe!


Attached Purple Teether

Super absorbent – 3 layers
2 bibs in one
Plain layers: 100% cotton 
Patterned fabric: 95% cotton 5% elastane

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Cheeky Chompers brings you the Neckerchew! A dribble bib with built in teether - making your life easier with a teething baby.
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