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Beautiful bracelets/anklets for babies

Sizes 12-13cm and 14-15cm available

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Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet or Anklet

Bead Size: Approx 5.5mm

Bead Shape: Smooth Polished Rounded Beads.

Clasp and other metal components: Sterling Silver 925

Thread: Natural Silk

Available In 2 Lengths: 12-13cm and 14-15cm.

(All measurements are approximate).

IMPORTANT: Please take the time to measure the wrist or ankle of your child before choosing a length. It is very important that an anklet or bracelet fits correctly. The bracelet or anklet should fit tight enough that it’s not able to be rolled off over the wrist /foot but not to tight to restrict circulation. The best way to meaure is to take small beaded necklace drape it around your childs wrist/ankle to where it should sit, and then measure that against a ruler.

Ideally, your child should not be able to get the necklace in his/her mouth. 



  • Place necklace, bracelet or anklet on the child against their skin, as the jewellery is for wearing only.
  • Do NOT let the child put the jewellery in their mouth, suck, chew or play with the jewellery.
  • Supervise the child at all times when they are wearing the jewellery.
  • Remove jewellery from the child when they are sleeping and when the child is unattended or unsupervised.


  • Please remove your jewellery for bathing and swimming as this will pro-long the life of the silk cord.
  • If your bracelet or anklet becomes dirtied (such as food, milk etc) please wash in tepid water. Use a mild soap only if necessary. Dry flat in the shade. Only wash as often as needed.
  • Avoid getting products such as body creams, sunscreens, repellents, perfumes, talcum powder and soaps on the necklace, as they clog the fibres, attracting dirt and speeding the deterioration of the silk.
  • Don’t allow your child to tug excessively on the necklace, as this will stretch and weaken the silk over time.
  • For best effect, keep the necklace underneath the clothes against the skin.
  • Monitor the jewellery for signs of silk wear. If your necklace looks like the silk thread is worn and will break soon, please discontinue use immediately and return to Selkiedesigns to be repaired* (see guarantee information).
  • Monitor the jewellery for signs of clasp damage. If your necklace looks like the clasp has become damaged, please discontinue use immediately and return to Selkiedesigns to be repaired* (see guarantee information).


Your necklace is a fine quality piece of jewellery and should be cared for in accordance with the care instructions.

As your bracelet is strung on a natural fibre, it will inevitably perish after continued wear.

Any seller who states that a baby bracelet will last forever is being deceptive.

How long your bracelet does last is the important thing. This is dependant on a few factors:

  • Your skin type. As some skins are more acidic than others, some people will perish the silk faster (just as some people will turn silver black).
  • How often it is worn. If you wear your bracelet every day, you can expect that it will wear out more quickly, as it is exposed to acid containing oils from your skin, as well as salt from sweat, more often.
  • How you care for your bracelet. If you care for your bracelet as per the care instructions, it will greatly pro-long the life of the silk cord and therefore the life of the bracelet.


Please ensure that you read and understand the safety information prior to purchasing and placing the jewellery on your child. 

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12-13cm, 14-15cm


Light Rainbow, Dark Rainbow, Jungle Mix, Milky Sunlight, Ragga Muffin, Wattle, Toffee, Maple, Ochre, Beach, Lime Green


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