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Snuza Replacement Battery for Snuza Movement Monitors.

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The batteries used in Snuza Movement Monitors are user-replaceable.
The life of the replaceable battery depends entirely on usage. Battery life will vary significantly depending on the average daily duration of use and/or alarm duration and/or number of alarms. Turning on and off unnecessarily shortens the battery life. If the number of alarms is high, check nappy fitment.
If the Battery Indicator Light shows that the battery is depleted or nearing depletion (flashing orange or red), do not use the monitor before replacing the battery. 
To Replace the Battery
  • Remove the Battery Cover on the underside of the unit.
  • Remove the depleted battery.
  • Insert the new battery, ensuring that the polarity is correct.
  • Replace the Battery Cover and ensure that it is correctly closed.
  • Test the unit by switching on and ensuring that the Battery Indicator Light flashes green.
  • If the unit starts emitting a beep after the battery has been replaced, simply press the ON/OFF and MODE/OFF buttons simultaneously to turn it off.


**Please note that the product guarantee does not apply to the battery.

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