Sonny Angel Doll – 11th Anniversary Limited Edition


Sonny Angel reached 11th anniversary in 2015.
And he finally sits down!


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This series features the top 12 figures from the Sonny Angel Popularity Poll held in 2014! Altogether their T shirts spell out “Sonny Angel 2015 11th Anniversary”.

Each sitting Sonny Angel figure also comes with a cute little chair for him to sit on!

Which Sonny Angel you receive is unknown until you open the box.


Contains: 1st Rabbit, 2nd Giraffe, 3rd Cherry Blossom, 4th Sheep, 5th Elephant, 6th Fawn, 7th Lion, 8th Cow, 9th Strawberry, 10th Starfish, 11th Hippopotamus, 12th French Bulldog





Sonny Angels available in this set include:

  • 1st Rabbit
  • 2nd Giraffe
  • 3rd Cherry Blossom
  • 4th Sheep
  • 5th Elephant
  • 6th Fawn
  • 7th Lion
  • 8th Cow
  • 9th Strawberry
  • 10th Starfish
  • 11th Hippopotamus
  • 12th French Bulldog


Each Sonny Angel is approximately 7.5cm tall. The head can come loose so these dolls are not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.


If you would like to order all 12 Sonny Angels in a box (each full box contains one of each Sonny Angel with a 1/144 chance of receiving a “secret” Sonny Angel in place of one of the set characters). 

If you cannot add 12 to your cart that means we do not have a full box left in stock. Please contact us to see about ordering a full box of Sonny Angels so you can get the full collection.

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